Outdoor Insects that Attack Your Dog

Your standard poodle Archie is very much an outdoor animal, and the warm Florida weather allows Archie to explore your neighborhood all year ’round. While Archie likes trotting along the sidewalks, sniffing for updates on other pets’ adventures, he also enjoys poking his nose into overgrown grass and brush. Of course, those behaviors also raise Archie’s risk for insect bites. If Archie gets nailed by an aggressive or defensive insect, your Dunedin veterinarian can quickly figure out what happened and help Archie to feel better.

Universal Discomfort

Poor Archie. He takes great pride in being a well-groomed poodle, and he’s mortified that an insect bite will create bite location redness and swelling. Archie’s face might also puff up, another source of embarrassment for your poodle-about-town. Even worse, if Archie has allergies to biting insects’ saliva or venom, his skin will turn a bright red, and he might also vomit and have trouble breathing. Since these are serious, potentially fatal reactions, bundle Archie into the car and head to the vet immediately.

Terribly Annoying Ticks

Ticks lurk in tall grass and brush, the exact spots where Archie searches for the most interesting smells. If these nasty insects hook themselves into Archie’s head, neck, feet, and ears, he’ll experience skin irritation that can lead to infection. Depending on how much blood the ticks extract, Archie might even become anemic from blood loss. Ticks can also transmit potentially fatal diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis.

Overly Busy Bees

Archie thinks bees are fun and interesting, and he loves to chase them into flower gardens and brush piles. While some bees are pretty tolerant, going about their business while this strange intruder pokes into the bees’ habitat, Archie has already gotten stung several times. After Archie gets zapped, he yelps with pain, and he might rub his swelling muzzle or lips on the ground for some relief.

Inconvenient Spider Bites

Most spider bites are a minor inconvenience, causing only swelling and localized pain from the non-poisonous North American spiders. However, the feared brown recluse spider’s bite can really create problems for Archie. Brown recluses live in dark areas near dog houses, sheds, and wood piles. If this evil spider bites Archie, the venom spreads slowly, leaving a dark-colored ulcer after destroying Archie’s tissue. These ulcers take time to heal, and can lead to very serious complications.

Once Archie has gotten stung or bitten, take out the stinger and disinfect the bite location. Give Archie the medication(s) your Dunedin vet has prescribed for him. Remember, if Archie shows a drastic allergic reaction, pack him in the car and head to the vet immediately.

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