Our Careteam

April Jenkins
Operations Manager
April grew up riding horses in northwestern Pennsylvania, and her earliest career aspiration was to become a jockey. She recalls bringing home all sorts of animals that she wanted to keep, much to her mother’s disdain! When the time came to consider a career path, April had a thought: why not combine her passion for animals with her interests in medicine and science by becoming a veterinary professional?

April’s animal-care career began when she started working for the veterinarian that she brought her own pets to for compassionate care. She mentored under the veterinarian for four years, becoming the Lead Veterinary Technician and Office Manager, before moving on to a large multi-doctor practice for another four years. Next, April relocated to Florida, where she joined the Highland Animal Hospital team as the clinic’s Office Manager. She’s been here ever since!

Medically, April is passionate about behavior modification and radiology work. Her favorite part of the job, though, is client care; she loves getting to know the area’s pet owners and forming lasting relationships over the years.

April has two sons and two stepdaughters, one of whom is currently studying at the University of South Florida. She shares her home with two cats—Baby Girl, who demands food and attention constantly, and a Siamese named Monkey—and a Siberian Husky named Loki. In her free time, April can be found enjoying a good book or documentary, relaxing at the beach, giving her time to environmental and human-rights causes, and spending quality time with family and friends.
Jamie Keener
Veterinary Technician
After working in the restaurant industry for over a decade, Jamie Keener was ready for a change. She’d always loved biology, and after doing some digging online she realized a veterinary technician program was perfect for her—she would get to combine her interest in science with her love of animals!

Jamie grew up in Florida and has lived in Pinellas County her entire life. She spent a lot of time with her siblings, exercising and hiking. She can’t recall a point in her life that she didn’t have a dog or cat—she would even bring home strays or injured animals.

At first, Jamie volunteered at Highland Animal Hospital to secure her observation hours for veterinary technician school. After completing her observation hours she jumped right in and started working there as a Kennel Assistant while attending school. After graduating, Jamie was officially hired as a Veterinary Technician! Jamie says that if it wasn’t for the patience and understanding of her coworkers—putting up with her constant questions!—she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Jamie is especially interested in the laboratory aspects of her job—she loves examining things under the microscope. Dental work and the satisfaction of making an animal feel so much better is another high point for her.Outside of work, Jamie enjoys spending time at the Dunedin Causeway, lying on the beach or enjoying a walk at sunset. She also loves to shop for bargains. Jamie’s guilty pleasure is television—she would be lost without her DVR.

Jamie lives with her husband James, her eight-month-old son Zane, and her cousin Kayla. They have three dogs, Sadie, Mojo, and Bolt, and two cats named Mishka and Mynx. Jamie says her household is quite the zoo and she wouldn’t have it any other way!
Angel VanDerGracht
Veterinary Technician
Growing up near her grandparents’ farm in Atlanta, Georgia, Angel VanDerGracht was constantly around farm animals—caring for them with her grandfather and riding the horses sparked Angel’s love of veterinary medicine.

After four years in the United States Coast Guard, Angel moved back to Georgia and got a job at a pet clinic. After moving to the Tampa Bay area, she got a job right away at Highland Animal Hospital, where she serves pets and their owners every day as the Head Veterinary Technician and Head Receptionist! She’s now worked in the veterinary field for over 15 years.

Angel loves educating clients, especially about good quality food for pets and why diet is so important. She also loves doing dental procedures on pets–it’s extremely gratifying to see the before-and-after results of a teeth cleaning!

Angel lives with her husband and two dogs: Cato, a Boston terrier, and Churchill, an English Bulldog. They also have several cats and two aquatic turtles. Angel also feeds wild squirrels, ducks, and turtles daily in the pond near their home. In her spare time, Angel likes exercising by competing in triathlons and running with friends. She also likes working in the yard, watching college football, and spending time with her husband on their boat.
Emily Davis
Veterinary Technician
Emily was born in Kansas, then lived in Northern California with her family for several years before relocating again to Salt Lake City, Utah. Her constant throughout childhood was her love of animals and nature—she’s always known that she would love to care for pets professionally. Here at Highland Animal Hospital, Emily gets to do just that!

Emily was still in high school when she completed courses in veterinary technology. Next, she began working as a Kennel Technician and dog bather at her local veterinary hospital in Draper, Utah. A few months later, she moved into a role as a Veterinary Technician and has been caring for pets in that capacity ever since. Emily holds an Associate’s degree from Salt Lake Community College, and is currently studying environmental sciences and biology at the University of South Florida.

Around the hospital, Emily enjoys the challenge of emergency work and neonatal care, and she’s also fascinated by phlebotomy and loves to perform blood-draws. Most of all, she enjoys getting to meet the area’s pets and loving animal parents just like herself on a daily basis.

Emily has three pets of her own: a pair of Chihuahuas named Chulo and Pixie, as well as a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who goes by Zeppelin. In addition to her interests in the world of pet care, she’s passionate about photography, permaculture, and hiking in the great outdoors.
Morgan Swick
Veterinary Technician
Morgan is originally from Illinois, where she grew up with her parents, brother and sister, and all sorts of family pets. She had dogs, fish, frogs, and rabbits, as well as chickens, ducks, and even parakeets. Those earliest experiences with the earth’s creatures made Morgan’s future choice of career come into sharp focus: veterinary medicine was the perfect path for her. Now, she’s able to help pets daily as a Veterinary Technician!

Morgan was still in high school when she first started working at a pet kennel. After starting college, she became a Veterinary Assistant at a small animal hospital, and continued to help animals and their owners there throughout her studies. Upon graduating, Morgan became a full-time Veterinary Technician at that same clinic! She’s been helping pets and animal parents in that capacity ever since.

Here at Highland Animal Hospital, Morgan especially enjoys working with nervous or anxious patients. She finds that few things are more rewarding than getting a pet to approach her for treats or affection when they would have been cowering behind their owner six months prior! She’s also fond of drawing blood and studying samples under the microscope.

When she’s not at work, Morgan can be found reading, spending time outdoors with her young son and her dog, trying her hand at crafting and sewing, and completing projects around her home. She and her husband, Rob—a nurse in the human healthcare field—share their home with their son, Eli; a silly Labrador mix named Nunu who has a bad habit of eating anything left on the floor; and two needy cats who go by Frey and Tuley.
Misty Hensley
Veterinary Technician
Misty grew up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, where she was surrounded by all sorts of animals. With no veterinarian within a 50-mile radius, it was often up to her and her family to keep those creatures healthy and happy. Ever since she was young, Misty has known that she wanted to do everything in her power to help all of the animals that she possibly could, and her dream hasn’t wavered. She’s a Veterinary Technician here at Highland Animal Hospital!

Misty’s animal-care journey began when she started volunteering at a pet store, cleaning pet cages and fish tanks. A few months later, she was offered a job. Misty has been involved in the field of pet care ever since! Now, she’s thrilled to be doing what she loves—helping the earth’s creatures as a Veterinary Technician. Misty is especially fond of cytology work, and also likes drawing blood and placing catheters. Most of all, she loves to meet and greet the pets and animal parents of the Dunedin area every day!

Away from the office, Misty enjoys practicing her photography skills as a member of several photography clubs, painting—her home is covered floor-to-ceiling in her work!—and reading good books. She lives with her daughter, Mariya, already a huge animal-lover just like her mother, and two pets: Boss, a protective but loving Pit Bull, and a standoffish cat who goes by Lightning.
Danny Birgenthal
Danny has always admired the way that our animal companions love us—unadulterated, and completely without condition or judgement. For him, being able to give something back to pets is a dream come true. That’s why he decided to become a member of the veterinary profession! Danny is thrilled to use his background in hospitality and customer service to better the lives of the area’s pets and animal owners here at Highland Animal Hospital.

Danny was born in Miami as the oldest of three children, and had plenty of loving family pets throughout his childhood. After working in the hotel and hospitality management industries for a number of years, he decided to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city and launch his animal-care journey in sleepy Fort Pierce, Florida—it was there that he signed on as a front-desk receptionist at a corporate pet hospital. Danny has been involved in the veterinary world ever since! Now, he’s proud to serve the animal companions and owners of the Dunedin area as a member of Highland Animal Hospital’s front-desk team.

Aside from his interests in veterinary care, Danny enjoys music and has played the bass guitar for nearly 20 years. Recently, he had the opportunity to record a song professionally at a friend’s studio—the song he recorded turned out so well that his friend decided to put it on his album! Danny also likes spending time at home with his kitten, Mickey, a young Tabby who doesn’t let his special needs slow him down in the least.