Wellness & Vaccinations

At Highland Animal Hospital, we believe that quality veterinary care is about more than just bringing your pet in for treatment when he or she becomes ill. Rather, it’s about being proactive and taking the steps necessary to help prevent that illness from occurring in the first place, and promoting a lifetime of good health. This is the concept behind wellness care, and it’s something that we are passionate about. When you bring your companion in for regular checkups, we are able to manage his or her health on an ongoing basis, identifying and addressing potential concerns before they become serious problems, and extending and improving the quality of life for your pet.

We’ve designed our wellness care to adapt and support the changing health care needs of each patient that we serve as they navigate through the various life stages. This may mean a first round of vaccines for your new puppy or an examination and diagnostic testing to manage your adult cat’s ongoing health. Or, it may be the specialized care your senior pet needs to enjoy his or her golden years comfortably. We’re prepared to meet you right where you are, and to work with you every step of the way to help your companion enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

At Highland Animal Hospital, we recommend bi-annual wellness exams. These visits include a thorough physical exam through which our doctors will check your pet to make sure everything is functioning properly. When we are able to conduct an exam at least twice yearly, we are often able to identify any changes in your pet’s health as they occur – particularly during the senior years, so we can address them right away. Not only is early detection more cost-effective, but it can add years to your pet’s life and vastly improve the quality of that extra time. Seeing your pet regularly also fosters a sense of trust, comfort and familiarity with our team and facility, making visits a much more pleasant experience.

Another important part of wellness visits is vaccines. Vaccinations can protect companion animals from a wide variety of serious, sometimes deadly diseases. Yet, just because a vaccine is available doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your pet. We’ll use the time during the annual exam to develop a customized vaccination plan, based on your pet’s unique needs and risk factors. We’ll also do the same with parasite prevention. We want to keep your pet as safe and protected as possible so he or she can enjoy a happy, disease-free life.

Moreover, we want to arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to help extend and improve your pet’s life. We will work with you, every step of the way, not as your vet, but as your trusted animal health care partner, to educate you and offer advice, guidance and unwavering support. We’ll always be here to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and place your mind at ease. You and your pet are never alone!

Give your animal companion the best gift you could give – the gift of good health – by making a commitment to wellness care.