Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

The Fourth of July, like most holidays, can be made all the more fun by including your pet in the festivities. Also like any holiday, there are precautions! Read on as your Dunedin veterinarian discusses some important health concerns.

Don’t Bring Your Pet to the Fireworks Display

Just about all pets are terrified of the loud bangs and crowded facilities of your local fireworks display. It’s not worth the risk of your pet running off and getting lost after the loud crack of the fireworks. Keep your pet at home in a quiet area that he can’t escape from.

Don’t Use Fireworks or Sparklers Around Your Pet

If you’re setting off home fireworks, sparklers, or firecrackers, keep your pet inside. Not only can these items scare pets into running onto the street or escaping, they present a burn hazard. Plus, fireworks contain toxic substances like potassium nitrate and arsenic.

Use the Right Sunscreen

If you’re including your pet in your holiday barbeque, don’t put human sunscreen on him in an attempt to prevent sunburn. Human sunscreen is too strong for animals’ skin. Purchase a pet-specific sunscreen to keep him from soaking in too many rays.

Monitor Your Pet at the Party

Having an Independence Day cookout? Make sure your pet doesn’t eat your food. Even small amounts of irregular food can cause diarrhea, and chocolate, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, and a lot more are poisonous to pets. Don’t let your guests give your pet too many fatty table scraps, either.

Watch Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol affects pets the same way it affects us—the only difference is, it takes a lot less of it to severely harm your cat or dog. Make sure all liquor, wine, and beer is accounted for, and that your pet can’t get to any of it. Call your Dunedin veterinary professional if you see or suspect that your pet has ingested any alcoholic substance.


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