Caring for a Pet Rock

Are you looking for a versatile pet that is easy to care for and won’t take up a lot of time? Have you considered getting a pet rock? In this article from a local Dunedin veterinary clinic, you’ll read about the basics of rock care.


One area in which rocks are standout pets is their ability to adapt to any temperature, climate, height, or surroundings. You can place little Rocky anywhere! That said, many rocks truly enjoy a special spot on a windowsill, so they can look outside and see their wild cousin rocks. Other rocks seem to prefer living on bookshelves, as many rocks quite enjoy reading. There are also rocks that prefer being desk rocks. Get to know your rock!


Like any pet, rocks will grow bored without proper stimulation, so it’s important to keep your rock entertained. Try setting your little friend in front of a TV set. You might find that your pet enjoys watching nature documentaries. Avoid exposing your pet to any mining shows, as this could be traumatic for the little one. The Rocky movies are a big hit with these pets. Leaving a radio on low will also help keep little Rocky from getting bored. Most rocks prefer rock music or even heavy metal, though some seem to enjoy dubstep.


Rocks need only minimal grooming, though of course if you spill something on your pet, you’ll need to rinse it off immediately. That said, your rock may appreciate a new look every now and then. In summer, you can paint a cheerful message on Rocky, and set him out in your garden to enjoy the Florida sunshine. In autumn, you can trade in your rock’s wardrobe for a fall look, and place him near a pillar candle or some seasonal decorations.


While rocks are generally inexpensive, there are still some costs involved. College tuition, vacation costs, summer camp fees, and eating out must all be factored into your budget. Travel expenses are another possible issue, though you may be able to save money by signing up for a rock exchange program. We also advise investing in a book of forever stamps, in case your rock ever wants to travel.

We here at your Dunedin veterinary clinic want to wish all of you a Happy April Fool’s Day! We hope you enjoyed this silly article.

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