Benefits of Frequent Pet Grooming

Your golden retriever Casey’s coat is looking a little rough, like he spent the night carousing with his canine buddies and didn’t have time to freshen up. Casey’s chest and rump section appear a bit unkempt, and his leg feathers are a scraggly tangle of blonde hair. Your Persian cat Peaches doesn’t look any better, as she hasn’t gotten her daily brushing for a couple of days either. Since your Dunedin veterinarian has recommended that both pets be groomed regularly, this is an excellent time to have your groomer make Casey and Peaches beautiful and sweet-smelling again.

Medical Problem Discovery

Brushing Casey and Peaches daily allows you to get up close and personal with their bodies. While you brush their coats and massage their skin, you can uncover abnormalities camouflaged by an out-of-control fur coat. If they’ve developed a funky rash, gotten a cut or scrape, or acquired a tick, you’ll find out. If you find a lump or mass that you haven’t noticed before, you can immediately call your vet to have it checked out.

Maximum Comfort

You don’t want your hair twisted into a hair tie that’s way too tight. That’s how Casey and Peaches feel when their poorly brushed, matted coats begin to pull on their delicate skin. Since Casey and Peaches both explore the great outdoors on occasion, they’ve also added some yard debris and a few teaspoonfuls of dirt to their coats. Now let’s throw in some rain, causing their nasty mats to turn into solid furry blobs that will probably need to be shaved out at the grooming shop. Of course, if Casey and Peaches get their daily brushings, you’ll minimize the mat and debris problems, which might result in fewer panicked trips to the groomer.

Cool Coat Appearance

While Casey and Peaches like their outdoor expeditions, they also have a reputation to protect, and impressing their respective social circles is important to them. By brushing Casey and Peaches daily, you’ll scoop up loose hair and dead skin cells that hamper their coat’s maximum appeal. Regular brushing also distributes desirable skin oils along their hair shafts, giving them a hairdo that’s the talk of the neighborhood.

Less Fur on the Floors

While you’re happy to help Casey and Peaches look their best, brushing them daily makes your life easier, too. With more fur on the brush, you’ve got less fur (and dander) floating through the air and landing on your furniture, bedding, and carpet. If you’re bothered by allergies, your pets’ nicely maintained coats might decrease your allergy risk.

Once Casey and Peaches are groomed to perfection, they’ll be proud to strut their stuff when they visit their Dunedin vet for a regular checkup.

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