Five Tips for Combating Pet Odors at Home

As much as we love our furry companions, we must admit sometimes that they can give off unpleasant odors and leave our homes smelling like a kennel. If you’d like to get rid of that doggie or feline odor permeating your carpet and furniture, follow these five tips from your Dunedin veterinarian.

Groom Frequently

The first step concerns your pet himself, not your home. Frequent bathing and grooming will cut off odors at the source. Give your pet baths a few times a month or even more if your pet is particularly smelly. Your Dunedin vet can advise you on good shampoos and products to keep your pet smelling his best. Brush your dog frequently as well—this will reduce fur and shedding from smelling up the home.

Vacuum Frequently

Regular vacuuming is essential to keep hair from building up in your carpets or on your furniture. Some vacuums are specially built to pick up pet hair. You can also use lint rollers to get hair off pillows and chairs.

Wash Bedding

Wash your pet’s bedding with warm water and soap frequently. This will keep it smelling fresh, remove excess hair, and kill any parasites or bacteria hiding out in your pet’s bed. Make sure your pet’s bedding is completely dry before replacing it.

Check Hiding Spots

If your pet is the hoarding type, he may have hidden food or treats—or smelly toys—in a secretive enclave or under his favorite chair. These may be causing unpleasant odors. Check in these areas regularly and remove anything causing smells. Ask your Dunedin vet about combating hoarding behavior if your pet has a serious habit.

Try Commercial Odor Neutralizers

Many companies make odor neutralizing products that help eliminate smells. Your Dunedin vet can tell you if these might be the right option for you. Fabric sprays and standard air fresheners might help too, but remember that these products essentially mask the odors instead of eliminating them.



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