Our Veterinarians

Dr. Brett Finkelstein DVM
Owner/Chief Medical Officer
Ten-year-old Brett Finkelstein was often found in the apartment of the neighborhood “cat lady,” caring for any one of her sixteen cats the best he could. When he found an injured animal on the street, he would take it home and hide it in his closet while trying to care for it, much to the chagrin of his mother!

Dr. Finkelstein never stopped being passionate about animals—he quickly realized that veterinary medicine would be his lifelong calling, and that decision has led him all the way to his current position as Owner and Chief Medical Officer of Highland Animal Hospital, as well as Highland’s sister clinic Animal Associates in Safety Harbor.

Born and raised in New York City, Brett found his first veterinary job at fifteen years of age in Queens. Bicycling back and forth to the office on his trusty Schwinn Continental, Dr. Finkelstein learned the basics of veterinary care there and sealed his fate as an animal care professional! Later he attended Washington University in St. Louis for his Baccalaureate degree, completing his studies at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, where he obtained his DVM.

Dr. Finkelstein enjoys being “Sherlock Holmes” in his role as a veterinarian—asking the questions, following the signs, and getting to the root of the mystery. He also enjoys behavioral counseling and pain management.

Brett’s wife Sharon is the biggest animal lover out there. Their oldest child, Harry, is now a proud graduate of Florida State University (much to the disdain of his mother, the consummate Florida Gator!), with a double major in business management and marketing. He is now working for Hayes Locum, a physician recruitment company in Fort Lauderdale. Their daughter Hilary is currently attending Tulane University in New Orleans and hopes to attend law school. The family has two chocolate labs: Moose, who is addicted to tennis balls, and Molly.

Outside of his work life, Dr. Finkelstein loves to write and has had several articles and short stories published. He’s also an amateur musician and plays the banjo, clarinet, fiddle, and guitar! He wants to become an old-time storyteller because of his strong belief that the spoken word is extremely important in the history of mankind.