Fun With Fido: Pawesome Doggy Date Night Ideas

February 3rd is a special day for Fido: it’s Doggy Date Night! Of course, if it were up to your furry pal, every day would be Doggy Date Night. Fido really wants nothing more than to spend time with his humans. Man’s Best Friend definitely deserves some extra TLC, for all of the love and devotion he offers. Read on as a local Dunedin, FL vet lists some great ways to get that cute tail wagging.

What Is Doggy Date Night For?

Doggy date night really isn’t as silly as one may think. It’s important to spend lots of time with your canine companion! Fido  goes above and beyond for us, and has even put his life on the line for us. He doesn’t ask for much in return for that unconditional love, either, aside from food, walks, and comfy shelter. He both craves and benefits from spending time with you, though. After all, you’re the apple of your pet’s eye, and the center of his world!

You’ll benefit from that doggy hangout time as well. Fido is good for us, both mentally and physically. Studies have shown that pets help keep us fit, reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, and even lower our blood pressure. They’re also a wonderful source of comfort in bad times.

What Are Doggy Date Night Options?

How do you get that tail going? The best option will really depend on your dog’s size, health, and personality. A Golden Retriever may very much love to go for a swim, but that’s neither safe nor suitable for a pug. Doing something special for your pup doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. What matters is that he feels loved and safe.

Here are a few ‘pawesome’ suggestions from your Dunedin, FL veterinarian:

Take Your Pooch To The Pet Store

Pets need playthings for entertainment, comfort, and chewing. Many pet stores have started welcoming in their canine customers. It’s always cute watching Fido pick out his own toy.

Doggy Spa Session

Fido may not be thrilled about going to the salon, but he definitely will appreciate feeling fresh and clean after. Don’t forget the pawdicure! Nail trims are very important: overgrown claws can be quite problematic. You’ll also want to keep those paw pads protected by using a paw balm or wax.

Exploration Time

For most of the country, February isn’t always a great time to go exploring. However, here in Florida we can enjoy our parks and trails all year long. Take your furry friend to a pretty spot, and let him sniff new grass.

Dinner With The Pup

If there’s one thing that Man’s Best Friend always enjoys, it’s treats. You can definitely buy something, but you can also make your own. Look for recipes online. Just take care to stick with things that are safe for Fido.

Game Time

Fido is super playful, which is one of his cutest traits. Try playing a fun game with your canine pal. Many kids’ games can be ‘pupdated’ to make them suitable for dogs. Hide and Seek is a good one. You can also tailor the classic Three Cups game.

Puppy Playtime

Pets are very sociable, and really benefit from being able to spend time with their furry pals. Consider arranging a group playdate for Fido and his buddies. Host a potluck or grill out for the people, and set out toys and treats for the pets. 

Movie Night

Dogs love to snuggle with their humans. Choose a movie that features Man’s Best Buddy. There are lots of great ones to choose from. Some good ones include Hachi, Marley And Me, A Dog’s Purpose, and Hotel For Dogs. If you’re up for a tearjerker, Old Yeller or The Fox And The Hound will fit the bill. Just stock up on tissues first.


Drive-Ins are making a bit of a comeback in some places. Many are showing fun classic flicks, while others are going for new releases. This can be a fun way to spend some time with Fido, as long as you have a comfortable spot for him in your vehicle. If you take your pooch for a walk at intermission, be sure to pick up after him.

Photo Session

Our canine patients are super photogenic, and take adorable photos. Snap some cute pics of your furry pal.

Scavenger Hunt

Fido’s cute nose is pretty remarkable. Your pup’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours, and can pick up minute traces of scents. Many pups love sniffing out goodies.  Hide some small treats and snacks for your furry buddy to find. Just remember to pick them up after.

Training Session

Many dogs actually like learning. Start with the basics, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Once your canine friend has these mastered, teach him some fun tricks. Be sure to give him a special toy or treat after class! 

Keep in mind that none of these suggestions are one-size-fits-all. If your pup is fearful, reactive, and/or aggressive, then we definitely wouldn’t suggest taking him into a pet store or park. 

Should I Take My Dog On A Date?

Single and dating? Finding the right match can be a bit daunting, to say the least. We’ll leave debates and discussions about dating to others. However, if you’re interested in someone, introducing them to your dog may not be a bad idea.  

What about taking Fido with you on a date? That one just depends on where you’re going. Your four-legged friend may be happy to join you for a picnic at a park. Going to a museum? Your pooch probably won’t be allowed in.

Dogs That Don’t Have Dates

Let’s not forget about paying  the pups that are up for adoption, and are just hoping to meet that special someone who will love them, care for them, and, of course, celebrate Doggy Date Nights with them. 

Choosing the right dog is in many ways like choosing your romantic partner: it’s about finding the right match!  We would suggest doing some breed research. 

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Size
  • Grooming Needs
  • Trainability
  • Intelligence
  • Character
  • Potential Health Issues
  • Exercise Needs
  • Ability to get along with other pets
  • Noise Levels
  • Child-friendliness

All of these things can help determine whether or not Fido is going to be a good fit. A pup that is the perfect match for one family may just not be the right match for another. 

If you’re planning to adopt, and are interested in a specific breed, look for rescues that work with that breed. Or, just keep doing online searches for adoptable shelter pets: you may find the perfect pet looking for you. Mutts are also a great option! Mixed breeds often offer the best of both worlds. Plus, you may very well find a dog that is a mix of breeds you like.

It’s also important to listen to your heart. You may think you want a Pomeranian, only to find yourself falling in love with a Beagle. The main thing is to make sure that you are ready, willing, and able to care for Fido for the rest of his life. Don’t be afraid to ask your Dunedin, FL veterinarian for advice, either. We’re happy to help! 

In Conclusion: Doggy Date Night is a cute reminder about the importance of spending quality time with your canine companion. There’s no end to the possible options! 

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your local Dunedin, FL pet hospital, today!

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